Ecolife Anniversary: ​​We are 10 years old

Dear friends, welcome to our website. The ECOLIFE trademark is already 10 years old. And now we would like to share our knowledge with you, tell you about our achievements. LED lighting has been developing very actively for more than 20 years, and all these years we have been following the development of the industry. 10 years ago it became available to the mass consumer, but the quality of the products required careful selection of manufacturers and quality control. Thus, the ECOLIFE trademark was born. It's no secret that 90% of LED lighting is made in China. And the most important question is not where it is produced, but who is responsible for the quality of the goods produced. We managed to build an effective quality control system that did not lead to a sharp increase in the cost of the final product, and we are proud that in terms of price / quality ECOLIFE No. 1 in the Azerbaijani market and as a local company is always there for you and guarantee the quality of our LED lamps.
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